About us

Sporeboys was founded by David Robinson and Andrew Gellatly in autumn 2005 at the beginning of the street food revolution. We appear at food markets in London and events across the UK. Sporeboys food has been celebrated in The New York Times and The Independent – loyal local and international customers flock each week to Broadway and Exmouth Market to savour our risotto and mushroom medley sandwich.

David is an Irish artist based in London. For the past 15 years his artwork has combined his passion for photography and food, producing highly original Fungi Luminograms in his east end studio.

He collaborated with Gorilla Perfume / LUSH, creating a Luminogram to help promote one of their newly released fragrances titled, 'Mycelium'. He also featured on The Food Programme (Mushrooms) - BBC Radio 4.

His most recent book (and second for children) titled 'Penny Bun Helps Save the World' was published in September 2018 by GOST.